Monday, August 6, 2012

My mouse squeaks. My computer mouse, that is. I know ordinary mice squeak—they’re supposed to—but I didn’t know that computer mice did. I don’t think they’re supposed to, but mine does. It works fine otherwise, performs faultlessly with its tasks involving interaction with the computer. But every time I move it across my desk, it gives out with a squeaking sound. It’s rather like it’s protesting the movement, objecting to being taken away from its position of repose. I can’t figure out why it does that, but this is just another of the intricacies of technology that I do not understand.

I wrote a few weeks ago about my difficulties with my lawn mower, specifically the trouble I had starting it. My neighbor, who’s good with machinery, started it immediately. He knows a lot about engines, cars, etc. It’s a knowledge built up during years of working with such things. But it seems to be more than that. He has a rapport with machinery. He understands it, likes it. It’s more than physical knowledge; it is some sort of sixth sense that leads him to the source of problems. I have known people like that before. It’s as if they are communicating on some level with the machine and the machine itself is guiding them.

I have known or heard of others who have similar ability with other aspects of life—animals, plants, the weather, the earth itself—the list is endless. I have come to the conclusion that nature sees to it that there exist people that possess all the abilities and talents necessary to furnish all of us with a comfortable, meaningful existence. Moreover, the people who possess such talents are the happiest when they are permitted to use them. Unfortunately, societies such as ours prefer to funnel people into endeavors that it considers more important or in which it believes the people in question would be more satisfied. It seems to me that society’s perception of what is the ideal lacks in comparison to that of nature.

But I am still left with my problem. What I have to do is locate someone who has an affinity with a computer mouse, who understands it, for whom such a thing as squeakingis no mystery and for whom successfully solving the problem is second nature. I am sure there is such a person. Somewhere. Nature has surely arranged that to be so.

POSTSCRIPT: After I posted the above, my mouse quit squeaking. Perhaps it just wanted the notoriety, or perhaps it was doing me a favor of giving me something to write about.

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