Monday, August 15, 2011

More changes. More firsts. Courtesy of Penny? Last night I had my first ever book signing. I really didn’t know what to expect. It could have gone many ways. As it turned out, it went very well—well attended and a lot of fun. Those facts were due to a number of people (besides Penny, that is). Maggie Robinson of Silverbear Graphics coordinated the entire event. It was held at the Historic Log Cabin Inn in Donegal, PA, a beautiful place, circa 1750, owned by Judy Trabbold. When it isn’t being used for book signings or other events, Judy rents it for overnight (or longer) stays. The book signing was catered by Chef Mark Henry of Latrobe—really good food. I appreciated the whole thing. I especially appreciated the many friends who came. They were the ones who made it successful for me.

What’s next? At the signing Maggie mentioned that we (Silverbear and I) plan on republishing The Finding of the Blue Feather, a book I wrote some time ago. I self published it a few years ago but have since revised it quite a bit. The book should come out in a few months and I’m looking forward to that, but even more I am looking forward to the new circumstances in which it is being published. The publishing business is changing. Electronic media have come upon the scene and altered the landscape. Traditional books are losing ground, publishing houses are struggling, many agents are refusing new clients. For writers it is a bleak time—few prospects, little hope.

A few writers here in Ligonier and elsewhere have been discussing a new approach with Maggie Robinson, a collaborative effort between author and publisher, a new way to publish, promote and market books. The idea is in the formative stage but it sounds interesting and promising. I am hopeful for it because I feel that it provides a way for authors to have more of a hand in the entire process, the entire future of their creations, rather than having their works in the hands of faceless entities in distant cities. I feel it is an innovative and creative idea.

What will become of it? How will it progress? We shall see. The future is uncertain—but exciting.

Again—stay tuned.

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