Monday, August 8, 2011

Where do I start? What is appropriate to write for the first piece on a new blog—something humorous, something profound? Perhaps something about me—where I come from, why I write? At my age I’ve become less and less conventional so I’m not going to bother too much with what I should do. I’m just going to write and assume that whatever comes out will be the right thing. Whatever it is, it won’t set any precedent or form a pattern for future entries on this blog. I don’t think I have a pattern. I write what comes to me and that turns out different every time. But usually all right.


This is not only the start of a new blog. It seems like the start of a brand new career. I have a new blog, new web site, a new book just published, new business cards, new bookmarks, new logos. New everything.

New cat, too. And, oddly enough, all this newness seems to revolve around that fact.

I have always been a dog person. I seem to resonate to dogs and seldom in my life have I been without at least one of them in my household. Cats that have been in my vicinity have come to be there more by accident than purpose. For some time now I have been living a life that did not allow for animals of any kind. About two years ago I began residency in a house. After the move-in process was complete I began idly thinking about getting a four-legged companion. I did not actively seek one, however. All my life animals have come to me. I never bought a dog. My dogs have always come to me second or third hand, either as strays or given to me by friends or acquaintances who could no longer keep them. So I waited for my new dog companion to appear but that did not happen.

Then a writer friend, Joanne, moved into a new house to find that the previous owner had left unexpected possessions behind—five cats. Joanne sought homes for them by asking friends if they wanted a cat. She asked me. I said no. Joanne fed the cats but they spent most of last winter outdoors. Then one afternoon last March another friend and I were at Joanne’s for a visit. As we were leaving, a pretty little long-haired gray cat ran across the patio and up to the porch for a late afternoon snack. “What a pretty cat!” I said. A week later I took that cat home. I named her Penelope—Penny for short.

The universe works in mysterious ways. I didn’t get the dog I was expecting. I got Penny. But I have always found that whatever the universe provides, it is always wise to make the best attempt possible to get along with that “whatever.” So I have done that with Penny. And I find my life has become very interesting and quite delightful. Penny seems to have brought along with her a lot of other changes for me. I am sure that these changes have not yet ended. What will come next? I have no idea. But I am also sure I will find out. Stay tuned. We’ll find out together.

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  1. Penny is one lucky little kitty cat. Sounds like a lovely partnership.