Saturday, January 11, 2014

I put Christmas away yesterday—stored it in the shed until next December. I was really sad to do that this year.  I miss the tree and window lights after having them brighten the living room for over a month. I got my little tree out on the last day of November and on Sunday, the first day of December I put it up and decorated it. I put electric candles in the windows and a wreath on the porch wall beside the front door. All the while I played Christmas music on the CD player and then watched a DVD of an Irish Christmas celebration with readings, songs, music and dancing. I had a bit of wine to accompany the procedure. It was quite a production. Really got me in the mood. It was satisfying to continue that mood by having the merry little colored lights lit every evening of the month.

On January sixth, after Twelfth Night, I took all the decorations down and packed them away in bags and boxes. I made a production of that, too, with CDs and DVDs and I didn’t forget the glass of wine. I figured the send off was deserved for having such cheerful companionship for the holidays. But it made me a bit sad, too. One thing I did do was buy a few new ornaments  and two additional strings of lights for the tree to make the holiday a little bit brighter next year. I even remembered to pack them with the other decorations and label the boxes so I’ll be able to find them when the occasion arises.

Because of the low temperatures last week and other things to take care of, I didn’t get a chance to put the bags and boxes away until yesterday. That was accomplished without fanfare or celebration. It was just a regretful little task that took only fifteen minutes or so. No music. No wine. I just didn’t feel like celebrating the event.

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