Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another week of no posting on the blog. This is getting to be too common. It’s not that I haven’t attempted to get something written. It’s simply that there is always other writing that is more important for one reason or another. The blog, though I like to post pieces there, seems to come last and therefore not get done.

Now I have some time, an hour or so to write and nothing of more importance than the blog so I shall write a small post. But about what shall I write? I have no particular subject in mind as I sit down at the computer. There are many times that I have heard people talk of having writer’s block—not being able to think of anything to write. That is possible, but I think it’s no excuse for not writing. If one has “writer’s block,” then why not write about having writer’s block? One can write about how writer’s block feels, what might have brought it on, what is the root cause of it, what one has found to bring the affliction to a conclusion—the possibilities are endless. The consequence of this may be a very interesting little piece and the writer might learn something in the process.

So, since I have no particular topic that is of greater importance, I shall write a little about writer’s block and/or related matters. The first thing that comes to mind is the subject of the muse. Muse is defined in my little dictionary as: a poet’s inspiration; a goddess presiding over one of the arts. When a writer cannot think of a subject about which to write, he or she can claim to be deserted by his or her muse.

There might be more to this than meets the eye. The writer’s problem is that he has no ideas. But from where do ideas come? Are they generated totally by and in the mind? There are writers that claim their ideas and their writing come to them from outside themselves. I have read of the same thing said of people in other fields. Where do they come from? Good question. It would take a lot of work to try to answer it, if it could be answered at all. The easiest thing to do is dismiss the question, consider it impossible and be done with the matter. That saves a lot of trouble and protects the subject of intellectual property. Without that concept considered to be a reality our economy could be in danger. And we wouldn’t want that.

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